Monday, June 16, 2014

Post Wedding Boating

After a week of hectic last minute wedding prep (I was my cousin's wedding coordinator) and a night full of drinking and dancing, a day out on the boat was exactly what I needed to recover from wedding madness.

There was a pretty large group of us so we split up into two boat. 

Boat 1:

My boat crew all piled in, turned on the 80s rock, and set off for the day...

And our wonderful, dancing captain

Our first stop was for libations. We were all starving and ready to chow down. There are a couple of places along the Chain O'Lakes with docks and outdoor seating. We decided on going to Famous Freddie's Roadhouse.

I sadly didn't get any pictures of lunch but it was just your typical American bar food, nothing impressive. But they did have live music outside which made stopping by worth it. 

After lunch, we decided to take a cruise around the lakes. Chain O'Lakes is a group of 15 smaller lakes connected by the Fox River and a few small, man-made channels. 

On sunny, warm days, like this one, the lakes are packed with boaters, fishermen, and people just looking to let loose.

All sorts of things can be found around the lakes...

It has it's own Lady Liberty.

I even spotted Pharrell and his hat just stumping around on a dock ;)

Along the channels, a lot of the lake houses decorate their docks and yards.

Some of them make you want to pull up and grab a drink...

Some are amusing...

And then some are just downright weird and scary...

After an afternoon of cruisin' and broozin' we decided to end our day at the infamous Blarney Island.

This was exactly day I needed to wind down after my weekend. There's nothing like sitting on the boat and soaking up some much needed sun. I'm already counting the days waiting for my next chance to head up north for another day in the sun.

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