Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Cologne

I've been faithful to my Chanel Chance eau de tendre since I was a freshman in high school. Over the years, I've gone through countless bottles, but a few months ago I finished mine and didn't immediately go out and buy a new one.

I don't know what it was but something was telling me to try something new.

For the past few months, I've had my eye on Jo Malone perfumes. Every time I walk by the counter, I can't resist smelling every scent but I always manage to pry myself away without buying anything. On a trip to New York to visit my friend Selena, my shopping enabler,  I finally gave in to my temptation.

Look at that luxurious packaging! After I bought it from the counter at Saks, the nice man took my purchase, wrapped it in a pretty bow, placed it in a bag, and tied another bow. It reminded a little me of that scene from Love Actually where Mr. Bean (I can't ever remember his actual name) was wrapping that necklace up for Alan Rickman's character. If you haven't seen Love Actually yet, I highly recommend it (plus it's on Netflix so you have no excuse not to watch it now!).

But I digress, back to my new fragrance.

I went with the White Jasmine & Mint scent. Since I'm horrible at describing smells, I'll just tell you what the Jo Malone website says about it:

A sun-drenched morning in an English country garden. Just-crushed wild mint adds a dash of eccentricity to an exuberant bouquet of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Enchanting.
I couldn't have described it better myself ;) It's basically an English garden in a bottle. It's not too sweet or florally either. The faint mint scent makes it refreshing.


It has a top note of mint leaf, heart note of heirloom jasmine, and a base note of mate leaf. I'm not exactly sure what all of that means but all I know is that strangers stop me on the street to compliment my scent. I'm going to take that as something positive instead of creepy. Plus, it's better than them telling me I stink. 

If you're looking for something new, I highly recommend checking out Jo Malone. They are pricey though so I would stop by a counter to smell them for yourself just to make sure you like the scent.

I think this is officially the scent of my summer. What's your favorite scent? Are you faithful to just one or do you have a wandering eye like me?

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