Monday, June 2, 2014

Maifest Fail & the Daily

My uncle turned the big 6-2 this weekend and to celebrate, we decide to go to Maifest in Lincoln Square.

Last year, my cousin went and there was just a small crowd of people, nothing too bad. That was definitely not the case this year. It. Was. Packed. 

Upon seeing all the people, we decided that we would walk around first to see if there was some other place we could eat before heading into the madness.

With the great weather, it seemed like everyone was out and about. I don't blame them though, I wouldn't want to stay couped inside with the sun out like this.

As we were walking, we came across Gene's Sausage Shop and remembered that they had a fantastic roof top beer garden!

Gene's is great if you are looking for German delicacies, like homemade pierogi and brats. They have a giant deli counter spanning the length of the store and butchers at the ready to take your order. There's also a great selection of imported European cheeses and snacks.

As we made our way to the second floor to take the elevator to the roof, we were told that the beer garden was closing in 5 minutes. Serves us right for arriving so late, I guess. With sad faces and hungry bellies, we left Gene's and decided to brace the crowds within Maifest.

This was the only picture I managed to take of the entire thing. Once you got inside, there was barely any room to move around let alone try and even attempt to take a picture. After standing around trying to figure out where to buy tickets, we decided to cut our losses and find another place for dinner.

Luckily for us, our bellies wouldn't have to suffer hunger much longer. A couple of blocks down the street, we found the perfect escape at the Daily Bar and Grill.

One of my favorite thing about warm weather is the ability to eat outside. In Chicago, there is an abundance of restaurants that offer al fresco eating. Off to the side of it's building, the Daily has a large, open patio. It was a no brainer that we opted to sit outside.

The trees were draped in fairy lights, dogs were happily snoozing while their owners ate, and a cool breeze drifted by while patrons laughed and chatted away.

As soon as we sat down, everyone intently studied their menus. Could you tell we were hungry?

The menu was eclectic. They had a little bit of everything: turkey burgers, jambalaya, pizza, fried pickles...I could go on and on. Here's the menu if you're curious.

We started out with a few appetizers to tide us over until our meals arrived.

Nachos, nachos, nachos

Mini corn dog nuggets. The horseradish mayo dip was amazing! I probably would have eaten it with a spoon if I wasn't in public.

Cheesy tator tots. These were eh. The tots were crispy but I expected a bit more than cheese sauce drizzled on top.

Since it was Saturday night, the place was packed. As a result, service was incredibly slow. We didn't mind though. It gave us all time to catch up. My family recently learned about my blog and they were filled with questions for me to answer.

They even read some posts while we waited for our food.

After a 45 minute wait, our food finally arrived!

I was in the mood for tacos (when am I not in the mood for tacos?!?) so I got Chris's Tilapia Tacos.

The fish  was soft and flaky with the perfect amount of seasoning but the mountain of dry lettuce on top was not necessary. After removing the some of the offensive greens, squeezing on some lime, and topping it off with some mango salsa, these tacos were just what I needed.

Just look at that beauty of a bite! I could of eaten three more of them. I only managed to snap three out of our five meals though. Everyone was too hungry to wait for me to take pictures. Overall I would give this place a thumbs up. The food was good in general and the atmosphere was great. Definitely a place I'll be coming back to this summer.

How'd your weekend go?

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