Sunday, January 19, 2014

Little Black Dress

I'm off to New York next weekend to spend some much needed quality time with friends I haven't seen in ages. But whenever I'm in New York, there's always the added pressure of looking my best because you never know who you'll run into. To find some inspiration for my upcoming adventure, I dedicate this little post to one of the most reliable sartorial weapons a girl can have in her closet: the Little Black Dress.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake

Do you ever get a craving for cake but don't feel like taking an hour to make an entire cake or make the effort to go out and get one? That seems to be a weekly dilemma for me and most the time my tummy is left feeling sad from the lack of chocolately goodness, but not anymore! I'll let you in on a little secret, now you can have the cake you were craving in under 5 minutes without leaving the comfort of your own home. I know some of you are skeptical about it but I have the perfect recipe for a single serving of cake and all you will need is a microwave. Yes, a microwave. This recipe is perfect for students living in the dorms and its so simple even those who are baking-impaired can't fail at this. So lets get started!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The 52 Week Challenge

Since its officially the first day of 2014, posting about a resolution might be a bit cliche, but I'm going to argue that since it's my blog, I'm allowed. And I'm just going to apologize in advance for any other cliches you might come across while reading this post, but while you're rolling your eyes, they're cliches for a reason...okay? Okay! Here we go...

You all know that I decided to start my year off by creating a new blog. My first, well technically second, post is going to be about one of my new years resolutions: trying to save some money.

I've always been horrible about saving up. As a little kid, whenever I got my allowance, I would immediately beg my parents to take me to the mall so I could buy something shiny and new. That, coupled with my knack for somehow always liking the most expensive thing in the store, led to an embarrassingly early development of poor money saving. Now fast forward a decade and I still have the urge to spend spend spend (my closet is clearly evidence of that but old habits die hard). Since I just graduated, though, I decided that I should finally act like an adult, or attempt to be one, and give a shot at saving up. 

New Beginnings

New year, new blog. It's time for me to finally take a chance and open myself to the things I've been scared of.

Happy New Year!