Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow Day

Hercules just made his presence known in Boston over the last two days when he left us with over 14 inches of snow! Luckily for me, I've always found something magical about snow and how it provides an instant beauty filter for scenery, but the one thing I don't like is how cold it's gotten here. With temperatures as low as -6ºF, I've been grabbing for my favorite cozy sweaters and it makes me wish I had more to keep me warm. There's nothing like bundling up on the couch in your favorite sweater with a rich mug of hot chocolate while watching a movie on a snow day. Here are a few things that I just might need to add to my life to make those days even better...

1. There's nothing like cashmere to snuggle up in and this Equipment sweater is the perfect balance of soft and oversized.
2. Who can resist this cute little face and for only $20?!? Enough said.
3. These Zara leggings are perfect for a comfy day or night in but they're also dressy enough if you need to go out and brave the cold.
4. While the sweaters will keep you toasty, these fuzzy socks will keep your piggies happy as well.
5. This Duffy sweater will keep you toasty in the winter and the pastel colors will transition perfectly into your spring wardrobe as well. I love it when I have pieces that can be worn for more than just one season. What's the point on spending all that money on something that you can only wear 3 months out of the year?
6. I love a rich color for winter, especially burgundy. This sweater from American Eagle has a mixture of texture with its knit so it adds an interesting twist to a standard sweater.
7. And lets not forget about sparkle. This Topshop sweater has just the right amount of embellishment to not make it over the top and garish. Plus its on sale, what could be better?
8. While you are cozied up in your sweater, you're going to need something to drink your hot chocolate, or tea, out of. Anthropologie is filled with adorable mugs, like this red leaf print Evenings In Quito cup that comes with a saucer.
9. Last but not least, a movie is always necessary for the perfect snow day. Casablanca is a classic with and you can't go wrong with classic.

So here's looking at you kid, I hope you guys have a great weekend! I'll be spending mine hiding out from the snow.

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