Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baseball and Embarrassing Cousins

Over the weekend, my not-so-little little cousin had a baseball tournament in town. A few of us decided to go and cheer him on for the day but I didn't want to settle for just sitting in the bleachers cheering. So what would any family member do in my position? I brought out the baby pictures and got to crafting.

The lovely cheering squad armored with my motivational signs adorned with embarrassing baby shots. I couldn't help myself though! What better way to show your support then causing slight embarrassment for the ones you love ;)

It was slightly chilly out but it still made for a great day of baseball with blue skies and a slight breeze.

The Red Sox did great that day but sadly didn't win the tournament. They did win the award for best fans! Okay, maybe that isn't a real award but we were definitely the best.

Our player at first pretended he didn't know us but we eventually wore him down with our chants and cheers.

Do you also have embarrassing cousins or are you the embarrassing ones? I bet you can clearly tell I fall into the latter category.

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